Frequently Asked Questions

How can I help?

If you want to help, please request to join one of our Facebook groups . Our amazing volunteers will help you get started.

Has this design been approved by medical professionals?

The care mask covers produced from our guides have been reviewed by individual medical doctors who are very grateful to receive them.

It is important to note that these are mask covers intended to be worn on top of N95 type masks, not a replacement for them. Covid Rangers does not claim that wearing these mask covers alone will provide protection. Please read this report that describes the risks of using home made fabric based covers during out breaks.

Are these masks or covers?

These are not masks . They are mask covers that will be used to go over the N95 masks.

Do you have a simplified pattern available?

Please see our guides section for more more information on available guides for different levels of sewing expertise.

What fabric do I need to use?

Please select tight weave cotton or cotton polyester blend fabric.

Do I need to provide and/or insert the filter?

No, the use of additional filter material is at the discretion of the medical professionals that use the mask covers.

What kind of straps do I need to sew on?

Please follow the instuctions in the guide.

How will I get the mask covers to you?

Please reach out to your Facebook group, they will help you figure out where to drop off completed mask covers. We need to go through them to check for consistency and do one more round of washing before we deliver them to the folks who requested them on the site.

Support Covid Rangers

Covid Rangers is a site dedicated to providing guides and information to a large community of volunteers who are sacrificing their time and talent to help fight the Covid-19 pandemic by supporting medical professionals who are in desperate need of basic supplies such as the care mask covers we are creating.

If you want to join the community and support this effort, please join the Facebook group and see how you can help.