Fabric Cutting

This guide will walk you through the steps to create four piece fabric sets that are properly pre-cut in order to be sewn together into a mask cover.


  • Printable pattern (Download below)
  • Paper scissors
  • Fabric shears
  • Pins
  • Optional: Marker to trace
  • Fabric options (#1 is ok, #2 is ideal)
    1. Cut all 4 pieces out of the same printed fabric
    2. Cut 2 pieces out of printed fabric. Cut 2 pieces out of a solid fabric for the lining.


  • Keep children away from sharp scissors and pins
  • Wash fabric before cutting
  • Do not use fabric softener or dryer sheets please
  • Do not allow other people near your workstation or to handle the fabric in order to minimize possible contamination
  • After you have washed your finished products, place them in a zipper-type storage bag


We have two pattern sizes. Pick one of them and print that same one twice in order to get started.

Print the downloaded pattern. Make sure you check scale after printing.

TIP: Trace on card stock, regular paper, or anything you prefer to give you a reusable pattern.

Cutting the patern step 1

Step: 1 The fabric


Please select tight weave cotton or cotton polyester blend fabric.

Wash the fabric before you get started.

Some volunteers report that ironing the fabric makes it easier to cut and work with, but that is not required.

Cutting the patern step 2

Step: 2 Prepare the pattern


Print out your downloaded PDF pattern on a letter size page. Make sure you print the PDF in full page mode without margins. If you get stuck get some help from your Facebook group.

Only one pattern is necessary, but you might find it helpful to have 2 patterns.

You are going to need two re-usable patterns per volunteer in your household.

Cutting the patern step 3

Step: 3 Cut the pattern


After you print out your downloaded pattern you need to cut it to the corect size by tracing the outer line.

Use paper scissors.

Cutting on the line is ok.

Cutting the patern step 4

Step: 4 Pin the pattern


Lay the patterns out on the fabric.

Fold your fabric and place your patterns on top as shown in the photo. It does not matter which way you fold the fabric.

To speed things up, you can fold your fabric over twice and use one pattern to cut 4 at once. You will need some good sharp shears to do this.

You can pin the pattern to the fabric to keep it from moving around while cutting.

Cutting the patern step 5

Step: 5 Cut out the pattern


Grab your fabric shears and cut out the pattern.

Cutting the patern step 6

Step: 6 Complete cut


After cutting both you will end up with two perfectly cut and pinned pieces.

It is ok if there is a little fabric sticking out. It will get folded in during the sewing process.

Cutting the patern step 7

Step: 7


Remove the pins and make sure you do not lose any.

Save the re-useable patterns for your next cut.

TIP: If you use the same pin holes you can make your cut patterns last a long time.

Cutting the patern step 8

Step: 8


Whether you folded your fabric once and cut 2 patterns or you folded your fabric twice and cut 1 pattern, you should end up with 4 cut pieces.

It is helpful for those sewing if you pair up the pieces with right sides together. Four pieces are used to make one mask cover (2 in one color and 2 in another color).

Cutting the patern step 9

Step: 9


There is no minimum or maximum, but please make sure you always provide full sets.

When you have a reasonable number please drop them off at one of our locations. If you are not sure where to go ask in your Facebook group and someone help help you out.

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